Monday, December 10, 2012

65 Years Together

A few weeks ago the Hubby and I went to Utah for a celebration of my parents anniversary.
 The weekend started in Mantua, Utah with a snowstorm that dumped 8 inches on our sisters/mothers home in about 3 hours. That's a lot of snow.
Dad, Mom, Vicki, John @ Marriott City Creek
 We headed down to SLC where we met my parents and siblings for a nice evening of dinner and Symphony.
Brad, Vicki, Camille
 The TRAX in SLC is an easy transport for us to Little America restaurant
The Happy Couple @ 65 years married
Cousin Janice, Joyce, Sam, Tom, Tracey, John, Vicki, Brad, Camille
@ the Utah Symphony - Sam, Kelly, Tom, Tracey, Brad
Janice, Vicki
SLC Temple & Capital bldg.  from our Marriott hotel room
Parents, children & spouses ready to attend temple session Saturday morning
Joyce and Sam going into temple where they were married 65 years ago. 
They told some stories of that day long ago where they rode from Provo with Joyce's mother and borrowed Sam's sisters car for the evening. After the marriage they went to lunch with many family members and then they drove a bridesmaid back to her home in Ogden, and went out to their favorite activity of the time - dancing, before staying at Hotel Utah? for the night.
Christine and Steve @ after party in Provo at Carabas
 table #1
 table #2
 table #3
back table
Still crazy after all these years.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gingerbread Houses

What memories I have of past gingerbread houses. I'll get to those stories later, but for now I'll show the latest two creations.
These two little munchkins helped me on Monday afternoon to decorate the two simple houses that I made that morning. As soon as Luke the two year old understood we weren't just chowing down on all that candy, it went fairly smoothly. He didn't like the gumdrops anyway, so after he tried two they became less of a temptation. I just put the Royal Icing "glue" where they wanted with my trusty pastry bag piper, and the kids placed all the candy where they wished. I did tell them that one of the two of them had to use the Necco candy wafers for a roof, cause I'd purchased them a long time ago and wanted them out of my cupboards. Lena created a "red and white pattern" with the mint M&M's. She was very excited to place red then white then red then white. Made me wish I had her around more often when I'm trying to do random placements of things. Impossible.

Pretty good smiles on those cute faces I'd say. 

My picture taking habits are suffering right now because of my computer/photo saving/sharing issues, so thanks for taking this cute picture (post assembly) Kara.