Thursday, January 10, 2013

Scarfs on the List

Two of the granddaughters wanted a scarf for Christmas and so I made a couple of them. Lex wanted a "Sparkle Scarf" and I was unsure of what that meant, so I just bought some yarn that had glittery edging  and was a bright color.
I think she likes it and her mom sent this cute picture of her wearing it to school the next day, so I'd say she got her Sparkle Scarf. It is bright pink and basically looks red unless you put it up against a real red and then you can see that it could be pink.
She looks cute in it.

Elles is the other granddaughter that had a scarf on her list, and she apparently borrows her mothers each time she enters her closet, so her mom told me a grownup scarf was requested.
I always have some yarn that I can use for a small project, and so I pulled this neutral/ yet semi-colorful yarn out and made a cable knit scarf for her.
 It's a 24 stitch double cable that I found online and I just surrounded it with a garter stitch that is 5 stitches wide on both ends so that the edges didn't roll.  I  didn't make it very long - it's about 24 inches long by 8 inches wide,  so it will be able to not drag or get caught when she is playing. (She is just 4 years old anyway (almost))
The scarf is then folded over with ends overlapping asymmetrically and then sewn closed with a shank type button for decoration.
 She loves it and it looks really cute on her.

Photo Organization

I have been very remiss in keeping my blog updated the past several months, mostly because of my own photo issues. In explanation of this there are several items that have contributed. I'm just going to list them out here, and maybe it will straighten them out in my mind so that I'll be able to attack them in an organized manner.
     1.  A minor problem I have is that I don't take pictures as much as I used to since many of my children have nice cameras now.  We used to be the go to for pictures and now during family get togethers there are usually several people taking pictures so I tend to not want to ask for more poses.
If I'm going to not take pictures, I need to ask for more copies from the kids and people that are taking those pictures, or enlist the effort of the Hubby who is the best eye in my house anyway.

     2.  My new laptop computer isn't where I store the pictures, so as I work on blogs, Facebook, etc., I often don't have access to my pictures, so I put off doing things until I want to sit at my desk to work with the pictures.
   To solve this problem, I need to share access with both computers, and perhaps place them all on an offsite location so that no matter where I am or what computer I'm on, I'll have access to the pictures.

     3.  I am often in too much of a hurry at the end of a project to take pictures, 'cause I need to get the project in the mail, or package for wrapping and subsequent unwrapping. This has always been the case as I tend to work under the gun and this procrastination leads to last minute completion of projects. Personality flaw alert.  I think that is why I don't do food blogging. There are too many stops in a project, and I generally don't have time to stop, because I didn't plan the extra time into my schedule. I tend to think I can get more done in an hour than is humanly possible, so the next hour and hence the next thing to be done is always upon me.
How do I fix this? Maybe don't try to take on so many projects. What an idea.

I think I can try to consult with or hire someone to help me with a couple of these issues. If anyone reading this has any ideas for me about what works for them, let me know.

I will try to do a few catch up posts anyway and they'll probably be short, sweet ones. Thanks for listening.