Thursday, June 30, 2011

Memphis the Musical

My good friend Laurie told me this was the play for me and she was right.
 The music, voices, dancing and costuming were outstanding.
This is an interesting piece of history being retold in a fun way. How out of the oppression of black people came this white man who loved their music and wanted it to be heard.
I loved seeing the dresses and suits that were popular during the decade of my birth and I'm copying one dress right now for my DD to wear. It's an "I Love Lucy" dress, so hope it's not to old fashioned for her. I do think she'll look great in the style.
This play is going out from Broadway to a city near you, and it is worth buying a ticket. The Hubby, DD, and Her Hubby liked it a lot too.
Thanks Laurie.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yankee Stadium

My DD Kathryn and her little family of 4 met The Hubby and me in NYC this last week for a fun experience.  We did many touristy things as Austin, Her Hubby, had never been to this great city.  I'll do several posts about the vacation but this one is about our baseball game.

We went to the brand 2nd year new Yankee Stadium to watch them play the Rockies. Who should I cheer for???  I'm not a Yankee fan at all, and I am from Colorado, but don't keep up with the Rockies like I do the Giants, so I'm not really their fan either.  The event was still enjoyable as could be.
The Hubby always gets us the best tickets. Great seats huh?
The MLB always puts on a good show and we got to watch Jason Giambi hit an RBI immediately in the first inning for his former friendly fans of NYYanks, then come in for a score himself in the same inning.
We also got to see A. Rod hit a nice double and make a great play.
Before the game began there were several troops of the US Army introduced. All were missing at least one limb, and many were missing several. They all waved and were cheered on proudly as the fans of baseball happily remembered for a brief minute, who it is and what it is that is truly important to us all in this free, democratic country of ours.
My favorite grandchild moment of the game came when the crowd all stood and sang/danced "The YMCA," by the Village People. Ellery, who had danced it with me teaching her all the right moves, turned around to her mother and said, "Mommy, we sang the ABC's." With as much enthusiasm as she could muster up. Very cute.
My other favorite grandchild moment came at the close of and following the game on our subway ride home.
Yes, this is Cossette. Sleeping face out and standing upright on her daddy's chest. She looked so funny, I couldn't stop laughing. If only we could sleep so easily, we would never be grouchy again. Why does my neck hurt? I always make sure that I sleep perfectly sideways on a nice medium soft bed.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Big Apple

I'm off with The Hubby to visit and enjoy New Your City this week. We are meeting our middle child and her little family for a great summer visit and we are going to have fun.  The Hubby will be in Boston for a day, but the rest of the time we will have him close by and ready to go to a play, baseball game, museum, boat ride, or whatever else we all come up with.
Here we come.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Baby Blankets

 My lastest craze is putting the babies name on my gifts for baby showers. I guess my new sewing machine has made me more aware of monogramming and so it is now my standard operating procedure when going to a shower. This particular blanket is out of the flannel that is in the Moda line called "Bliss" that I made all my grandchild Easter dresses out of.  I just love it.
The embroidery is done in an applique style where just the edge of the design is sewn around a fabric letter.
 I edged this blanket in matching satin blanket binding, which I like but I can't always match.
This blanket is done in red Minky fabric (that's the really soft stuff you want to keep petting 'cause it feels like my Abby dogs ears)  on one side and red t-shirt knit fabric on the back. It is embellished with different cotton quilting fabrics around the edge and so it looks more like a typical quilt.
 Here is one where I just got a new applique font from Planet Applique I think they have a lot of cute designs. I used this old bug fabric and lower case letters. two of the letters are just zig zagged around which is the first step in the process and then I moved on to the next letter.
 I also added some looped ribbons for baby to play with on this one.
The back is again done in minky fabric, which I love for soft little babies.

Tangent time:
When Abby was a new puppy, our son Jonathan was the one who got to pick her out and help name her. Jonathan was 10 years old and he loved her ears because they felt like velvet. She was from our neighbors litter and their last name was Abbot. So our black lab/retriever mix was named Abbot Velvet Hodgman.  Now you know the rest of the story.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Garden (really)

Okay, I started talking about my new little vegetable garden last week, but got off on a treehouse tangent. So now I'll show off my new garden in a sunny spot where 40 foot trees used to shade and root away.
It's been a few years now, and so I'm slowly incorporating a few more goodies into the soil in this little back yard spot so that more and more things will grow, and less and less roots will be fought off.
My expanding vegetable list now includes chard, celery, and onions.
 In addition to the tomatoes, squash of the summer as well as winter varieties, eggplant, and basil that I also planted last year.
 These two pictures above and below caption were just taken (15th June), whereas the previous 2 pictures was on the 10th.
 How quickly things grow.
I chopped down some boxwood bushes (2nd photo) before we went out of town for the weekend just so the sprinklers could water my precious garden. They were beautiful bushes, but we are removing them at the end of the summer for a backyard redo project. Stay tuned.

Now in the front yard is this.
Which has been very prolific in providing us with these.
Aren't I quite the little farmer?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Changing Hair Style

I'm unsure if you've been paying attention to (or if you care about) Michael's hair style evolution the past few months, but I'll just show a few pictures of the ever changing boy/man at our house and let you judge, or snicker for yourself.
First, here is a picture of the Michael we came to know and love the last 2 or 3 years of high school. I (along with the Hubby) was always bugging him to grow it out a little bit, especially on top, so he could have a bit of fashion to it, but he never wanted to. Just kept it buzzed every 3 or 4 weeks.
He seemed to keep this style as he started college last year and during the b-ball season as well, but then decided to change things up a bit in the spring.
By doing NOTHING at all.
When I picked him up after his freshman year in college he looked like this.
After he got his mission call he was instructed to have his picture taken for his missionary VISA, so he   asked me to cut it for that. Now we were bugging him to cut it shorter. He felt like we were just never satisfied with the way our son looked.
He was going to the temple next, so a little trim around the ears and neck and even if Dad wasn't thrilled with it, the hair could pass.
Nice bowl cut.
 Then Michael reverted back to 2nd or 3rd grade for a couple days.
Luke's hair is just right.
And finally the fauxhawk type cut.  This is where we are stuck right now.

The barber could do a better rendition of it, but alas MM is a little too cheap, so I, Mom, am the designated clipper. I am assuming that he will cut buzz his own hair while he serves a mission, but we shall see.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2011 Garden - AKA - Our TreeHouse

Last year I planted about 6 plants in my vegetable garden plot. It is a relatively new spot for a garden and used to have 2 very large Monterey Pine trees with a terrific tree house above the now sunny area.

I guess I'll tell that story now.

When our family moved to this little Town of Los Gatos in 1994, the big kids started plotting and planning to make the little kids a great tree house. This double decker house was to be located in 2 very large pine trees that were located in the back northeast corner of our property. David enlisted the help of Jonathan and Dad and within the year the treehouse was built.
1995    Kathryn (9), Stephanie (7), David (13)
The first year of the houses existence there was a 2 x 12 leading up into the branches. We had a couple of mishaps during that period of time making the mother of this little family insist on some safety rules.
One accident happened because there were nails sticking out of the ramp, and Kathryn's derrière was injured as she was sliding down.
Another problem was that this loving mother couldn't see the side back yard from my kitchen window. For some reason I thought that my children were more intelligent than other peoples kids, but I soon started to catch these very smart kids jumping from a different 2 x 12 between the the branches of the two trees down onto our trampoline below. They would move the trampoline across the lawn just so they could jump from the tree above (probably 15-20 feet or so) and land right in its center, bouncing them back into the heavens. We were lucky to not have any broken bones. I realized fun and smart don't always go together.

Eventually, we had 3 levels of a tree house. The first level being a short 9 foot distance up a ladder from the ground and a resting place for the way up.
There was a nice window in the main level of the house, as well as a balcony off of that same level. This level was big enough to put down five or six sleeping bags. Stephanie made a trap door to cover the hole into the room so that no sleeping child would fall through. The kids also carpeted this level and put in some draperies, and everything but electricity.
The top level was a rooftop deck and had fencing all around.
In this picture taken in 2005, the dead trees are ready to be cut down and we are beginning our mourning of the loss of our beloved tree house.  (Normally, when the trees were healthy they covered much of the house better than these pictures show.)
Our neighbors Fran and Bruce would talk to the kids from their driveway which was down below the side of the trees, just on the other side of the fence.
The shed down below was added to the yard in about 1998.  Jonathan had replaced the fence in 1995, but had to do the side fence over again after we destroyed it for the placement of the shed.
 Michael would like everyone to know it was the best tree house on planet earth.
The lousy bark beetles killed the trees, just as they have been doing all over this Santa Clara Valley, and within just a few weeks they turned almost completely brown. They had to come down, and with them our beloved tree house.

I'll actually post about the garden later.