Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Garden (really)

Okay, I started talking about my new little vegetable garden last week, but got off on a treehouse tangent. So now I'll show off my new garden in a sunny spot where 40 foot trees used to shade and root away.
It's been a few years now, and so I'm slowly incorporating a few more goodies into the soil in this little back yard spot so that more and more things will grow, and less and less roots will be fought off.
My expanding vegetable list now includes chard, celery, and onions.
 In addition to the tomatoes, squash of the summer as well as winter varieties, eggplant, and basil that I also planted last year.
 These two pictures above and below caption were just taken (15th June), whereas the previous 2 pictures was on the 10th.
 How quickly things grow.
I chopped down some boxwood bushes (2nd photo) before we went out of town for the weekend just so the sprinklers could water my precious garden. They were beautiful bushes, but we are removing them at the end of the summer for a backyard redo project. Stay tuned.

Now in the front yard is this.
Which has been very prolific in providing us with these.
Aren't I quite the little farmer?


  1. Oh, wow. You are growing artichokes!!!

    And I'm impressed.

    And a bit jealous, as well...


  2. ARTICHOKES in the front yard! epic! so it's a definite go for the backyard redo?? how exciting!! yay!

  3. the world is my garden...but that's because I can't possibly grow one of my own. Robb told me that he tried to start a garden when he lived up here in the early 80s... by the end of summer he had exactly 2 little radishes, the size of his pinkie finger nail... We don't have enough sun up here on the hillside. Oh well, I'm perfectly happy to look at other people's gardens! A bit jealous of the artichokes, though, which we can barely even BUY here!

  4. nice mama! can't wait to see it in real life tomorrow!