Monday, June 13, 2011

Changing Hair Style

I'm unsure if you've been paying attention to (or if you care about) Michael's hair style evolution the past few months, but I'll just show a few pictures of the ever changing boy/man at our house and let you judge, or snicker for yourself.
First, here is a picture of the Michael we came to know and love the last 2 or 3 years of high school. I (along with the Hubby) was always bugging him to grow it out a little bit, especially on top, so he could have a bit of fashion to it, but he never wanted to. Just kept it buzzed every 3 or 4 weeks.
He seemed to keep this style as he started college last year and during the b-ball season as well, but then decided to change things up a bit in the spring.
By doing NOTHING at all.
When I picked him up after his freshman year in college he looked like this.
After he got his mission call he was instructed to have his picture taken for his missionary VISA, so he   asked me to cut it for that. Now we were bugging him to cut it shorter. He felt like we were just never satisfied with the way our son looked.
He was going to the temple next, so a little trim around the ears and neck and even if Dad wasn't thrilled with it, the hair could pass.
Nice bowl cut.
 Then Michael reverted back to 2nd or 3rd grade for a couple days.
Luke's hair is just right.
And finally the fauxhawk type cut.  This is where we are stuck right now.

The barber could do a better rendition of it, but alas MM is a little too cheap, so I, Mom, am the designated clipper. I am assuming that he will cut buzz his own hair while he serves a mission, but we shall see.


  1. no matter how you cut it, he's one good looking kid. inside and out!

  2. My boys were always doing that with their hair. They had more styles than I even knew existed. We even had dreads once, to Dave's delight.