Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yankee Stadium

My DD Kathryn and her little family of 4 met The Hubby and me in NYC this last week for a fun experience.  We did many touristy things as Austin, Her Hubby, had never been to this great city.  I'll do several posts about the vacation but this one is about our baseball game.

We went to the brand 2nd year new Yankee Stadium to watch them play the Rockies. Who should I cheer for???  I'm not a Yankee fan at all, and I am from Colorado, but don't keep up with the Rockies like I do the Giants, so I'm not really their fan either.  The event was still enjoyable as could be.
The Hubby always gets us the best tickets. Great seats huh?
The MLB always puts on a good show and we got to watch Jason Giambi hit an RBI immediately in the first inning for his former friendly fans of NYYanks, then come in for a score himself in the same inning.
We also got to see A. Rod hit a nice double and make a great play.
Before the game began there were several troops of the US Army introduced. All were missing at least one limb, and many were missing several. They all waved and were cheered on proudly as the fans of baseball happily remembered for a brief minute, who it is and what it is that is truly important to us all in this free, democratic country of ours.
My favorite grandchild moment of the game came when the crowd all stood and sang/danced "The YMCA," by the Village People. Ellery, who had danced it with me teaching her all the right moves, turned around to her mother and said, "Mommy, we sang the ABC's." With as much enthusiasm as she could muster up. Very cute.
My other favorite grandchild moment came at the close of and following the game on our subway ride home.
Yes, this is Cossette. Sleeping face out and standing upright on her daddy's chest. She looked so funny, I couldn't stop laughing. If only we could sleep so easily, we would never be grouchy again. Why does my neck hurt? I always make sure that I sleep perfectly sideways on a nice medium soft bed.


  1. as previously stated, i thought you might wet your pants at cossette. the best was when austin stood up & she hung at a perfectly straight angle away from his chest. hahaha what a GREAT game!

  2. What a fun day! And that last picture is classic...


  3. looks like so much fun! i want to go to a giants game!!

  4. Oh, my! That picture of your little granddaughter is just a riot! I too am in the east with my grandbaby! The answer to your question about who to root for...a 19 inning tie that ends in a called game. This is the only solution for a Giants fan who doesn't like the Yankees and cannot root for the Rockies. :-)