Sunday, March 23, 2014

White Dress for Baptism

We actually have a grandchild old enough to get baptized. This time stuff never ceases to amaze me. 
Whole other subject here...

We are Mormon and so baptize at the age of 8 which is when we feel children know the difference between right and wrong. This makes us accountable and so able to make things right when we make mistakes. I asked her if she wanted me to make a dress for the occasion, and she (along with her Mom) agreed. I used lining of peacock blue (left over from Steph(er's) wedding, with a couple of different white embroidered cotton fabrics that you can see the blue through. 

The skirt is a circle with a pleat in the center, and it zips up the back. The neckline has a rounded yoke which is simple and sweet. It has a tea length half slip under it which is fluffy adding more body to the dress. The sleeves also have a pleated bottom in leu of a cuff and gathers, which makes it more suitable for an older girl. Usually the little girls dresses I make are puffed sleeves on top and bottom, which works well for under 6 year olds.

 Grandpa, Grandma, David (Dad,) Kara (Mom,) & Uncle Michael with Lexy in the front.

The dress she is wearing here was made by her other Grandmother for the actual baptism and is culottes so that it doesn't float up too much in the font of water. Then she changed to the dress for the confirmation prayer on her which follows the water immersion.
 Lexy Lou also liked the matching dress I made for her new American Girl doll. Nice addition. I also made bows for the 2 dresses waist area and hair.
What a beautiful little 8 year old.
Congratulations sweet girl!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Me and My Gals

A couple months ago my DD called and invited me to meet up with her and her sister in Chicago for St. Patty's Day and a little Mom/Sister bonding time.
I obliged right away and we planned this little getaway........
Riding into the city on the "L" train.
 The first thing we did when we arrived was a night at Riverdance. "Heartbeat" is their new program and it was fabulous. A highlight of the trip and we had barely even began. The musical and dancing talent of the artists was wonderful, and made us want to dance ourselves.
Steph was barely in time and came from the subway toting all her luggage.
 The Oriental Theatre was also quite impressive. Everywhere you turn there is another interesting animal or shape to be seen. Truly a design feast for the eyes.
We walked back to the hotel because it was a balmy 38 degrees out and we knew that the next couple nights were going to be more like 18º without the windchill, so we'd better enjoy this night.
My kind of town
Another notable event was being followed by a very interesting and challenged homeless guy. He walked us through his territory along Wacker (pronounced "Vocker" if you care at all) and the river for a few blocks. Trying to tell him we were having a deep conversation, or saying goodbye, walking faster, slower, ignoring, etc. did nothing to shake him, but a solicitor for money made him mad and as he jabbered with her we were able to lose him. That cab looked pretty good about then.
Next morning we woke up and headed toward the river. We didn't spot Tommy Lee Jones, or Harrison Ford, but it seemed like everyone else was there. The river turns a very bright green. It's pretty cool.

 All dressed up for the Irish celebration.
Cool dog buddy!
 I always like a good library. They tend to be some of the best architecture in any city, so when we saw this one we took a detour inside. Any inside was good today, so we kept finding excuses to get out of the cold. It however, is not the library anymore but my original reason for entrance was not lost on us anyway.
 Look at this amazing stained glass cupola. The ceilings, mosaic floors, marble walls and columns were just beautiful.
 Then we walked with the crowd toward the parade route and past the public art. Cloud Gate or "The Bean" was completely cordoned off from the crowds, but we still got a first good look and pictures.

Many interesting people could be seen.
 And of course bag pipes and drum marching bands. What a great sound.
I always like things that are as old as I am.
After the parade, we met up with some friends for a deep dish Chicago style pizza. Jonathan Walton and his wife are living in Chicago for his doctorate studies and suggested an authentic pizza place. Good company and good food.
The main park is fodder for Steph antics here. Both models have lost their bows.
 No matter what I do, this thing isn't going to budge.
 We woke up early on Monday morning so we could be alone with The Bean.
One of the most popular pieces of public art in the country. Wonder why? It is about me. (Or you.)
Pretty funny really. We came around when the park reopened on Saturday after the parade, this place was PACKED.
 We did find someone to help us take our pictures. Of course we took shots of them too.

 Now we are looking around for more cool public art. These guys were pretty odd.
 And then to the art you have to pay to see. Huge awesome art museum.!
 I liked this Renoir especially - so my DD bought a print of it for me. Thankee!
 I also think Chagall is pretty interesting and so I made the girlies run around to the other side of the museum at closing time to spot it.
 This was just one of our yummy meals. The sweet one. Actually a couple of the others were SWEET too, but not in the same way.
 The Disney display at the Museum of Science and Industry.
Yes..... it is 18º on this fine Sunday afternoon. That is without the windchill factor which put it at about 8º. YIKES!
 Very industrious I think.
 On actual St Patricks Day we went up to the top of Willis Tower and overlooked the big city.
 The glass overlooks are pretty crazy. Makes you have a bit o' weakness in the knees.

 Katz as her dramatic twin.

Don't fall Steph.
I also like store front art. This one of old sewing machines is right up me alley.

I so enjoyed spending 1 on 1 time with my darling daughters for a few days. Truly a treat for me.