Thursday, June 11, 2009

Last Stop for the Ship

Our Danube tour is coming to a close. We are in another quaint, smallish town called Passau in Germany, right over the Austrian border. Here the Danube converges with the Inn as well as the Ilz rivers.
In St. Stephan's Cathedral is a HUGE organ which we were able to hear in concert. It has almost 18,000 pipes and huge as well as small sound. Very impressive.
The rivers are almost everywhere you look, the buildings going right up to them.
.... and sometimes the river going "up to" and across the buildings. Here are dates and height markings of flooding.
This stained glass is in the Town Hall. The hall also has many beautiful paintings. Could be a church for its magnificence.
More of the cathedral and its grandeur.
Cool old sidewalk from the hill where the cathedral stands down into town. 

We took a field trip out into the Bavarian mountains to a heritage village showing the way the mountain people used to live.
They were shorter than I am, but had comfortable yet rustic furnishings. They definitely had to work hard physically.
Remember, I am a bowler. This is a little different alley than I'm used to. Boards are a bit warped.
Here you can see the rivers meeting with their different colors. The Danube is the dark one. 


  1. you two really did take some spectacular shots! i wish i could have seen some of these places!! especially in your last post. wow! did the height markings for the river bring back any sad flashbacks of your painted doorframe? :) glad you guys had fun! happy anniversary!

  2. Can I just say how envious I am of this whole entire trip! I feel like Europe calls to me and I must go back someday. Maybe for a future anniversary! Hope you guys enjoyed every single bit of your vacation.

  3. I will be sorry to see the end of this travelog because I am enjoying myself vicariously. Thanks for sharing it!