Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Baby is 18

Michael is having a birthday today. A celebration of a very important day for me that happened eighteen years ago. He has been a joy in our lives nearly everyday since then, and we are so glad he is part of our family.
I'm going to make a little list of 18 things that he does to make us smile.
1 - He smiles! (and isn't it a cute one - nice teeth Dad)
2 - I think he even likes his sometimes dorky parents
3 - Makes me realize I'm not very good at teaching kids how to clean their rooms (before M I just assumed it was the kids fault, but after having a few that lacked in this area I figured it must actually be me)
4 - Let's us yell "GO Michael Michael" at his basketball games and doesn't even complain.
5 - Spends hours on testing out new b-ball shoe colors and configurations.
6 - Studies pretty hard so that he can get good grades.
7 - Has always gone to church without complaint. He's grown to enjoy it and tries to even get me there on time.
8 - Goes to early morning seminary 95% of the time with again no complaints.
9 - Enjoys playing games with the family.
10- Chooses his friends well.
11 - Has come up with a unique signature and is artistic and creative in many areas.
(How 'bout the final in Ceramics class last year. A b-ball shoe)
12 - Helps me with my technological challenges. Sometimes being more patient than other.
13 - Has learned how to make several things for breakfast. (thanks Kira )
14 - Still depends on me for a good smoothy.
15 - Is a nice Uncle "Michael Michael" and becoming a little less scared of babies.
16 - Thinks he's really cute and funny with his "caustic" body emissions (I guess he kinda is sometimes)
17 - Is the youngest cousin and one that everyone is glad to know, protect, and expect much from.
18 - Makes us glad for BIG families!!!!


  1. What a great tribute to your very cute son! Hope he had an equally great birthday...


    PS. You're right; he does have a killer smile! And I love the basketball shoe final project. (My son once made me a covered candle holder with a Nike slash in it...Actually, it is sitting on top of the TV in our family room even as we type.)

  2. love that baby brother of mine. i like that "he has been a joy in our lives NEARLY everyday". haha! never one to gush too much, eh vick? :)