Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pistache Tree

When I was planning what to plant in our front yard a couple years ago, I made sure to include my favorite Nor Cal autumn tree. The decorative pistache trees around here have every fall color imaginable. They range from green to deep maroon, red, orange, and yellow.

This is our neighbor's fully mature Pistache tree. Such a pretty shape, size and amazing colors.

This is our Pistache tree. (it's the little one in the foreground). At this point there is hardly any color other than green. It is healthy and it's sure to grow big and strong in the not so near future, but at this point we are watching and hoping that it will not be too much longer, in dog years?, that we will have to wait.


  1. I want a small red tree to plant in my front yard, too, but I'm not sure what to get. It does need to be a dwarf of some kind, I think. But I've had a lot of friends say that they thought they were getting a tree that turned red in the fall, then ended up with one that turned gold or faded orange instead. I would really like one that goes crimson.

    Your little tree does look great, and hopefully it just needs to mature for the reds and oranges to come.


  2. You should see the one tree that we have in our front yard. It struggles really bad. It would make you feel really good about your tree. BTW...I really like all your halloween and fall decorations. Way to be festive!