Monday, November 30, 2009

Opinions Anyone?

I have a very vivid memory of holding still a 20 foot metal ladder, with my mittened hands and bundled in my warmest parka, for my father at 7:00 am before the school bus came. He was putting up the Christmas lights and I was his helper. Did I mention that it was probably about 6 degrees F on that cold clear morning? My mother must've asked him to do this task much earlier in the month or something and that was the only time he could manage attaching those lights to the roof of that great house on Pacific Drive.

I love Christmas lights and my dilemma today is whether to buy white ones or colored for our next set.
We are getting a new roof and gutters, so it is a good time to replace the old ones that all have doohickies attached to them for our present roof.

So what do you think?
Are WHITE lights too 90's?  The hubby and I have had them on our house since the 80's and I tend to think they look like stars and also that they are homey gingerbread housey looking.
Are COLORED lights too garish? We had them growing up and the traditional look of that is now quite appealing to me again.

What do you think?
Does your age affect your taste on this important matter? I wonder if kids who grew up in the white light era appreciate the colored lights more or less than the people who grew up with multicolored. I will skip the 30 somethings. You can pick what category you are in (and I always think of you as younger, because I can't bear that you are catching up to me so quickly)

Cast your vote on the right side of this blog. I'm very curious.


  1. Your poll doesn't have an option for if you're in your 30's! My vote would be WHITE! We have all C7 white bulbs along our gutters and roof lines and I think it's fabulous. Max tries to change my mind (to colored or a combo of red/green/white) sometimes but I'm not budging!

  2. white, white, white. Need I say more? But, despite my opinion, let us know what you decide.

  3. I only like white lights but my sister only likes colored... I think white ones look classy, but she thinks white aren't christmasy enough :) Good luck with your decision and if you want to donate your old lights to us we are ok with that :)

  4. I like white! Like you, I am reminded of stars when I look at our twinkling white lights.


  5. I like both, really, but I kind of miss seeing the colors. When the icicle white lights got to be so in fashion, it bugged me that every house in the neighborhood had them, even though they were pretty.

  6. Hey, with the new type of "green" lights, I don't think we're gonna even have the option of bright white or bright colored! You can hardly find them anymore.