Friday, February 12, 2010


I love to watch the Olympics.
I record hours each day and watch while I am doing some sort of project or other. Last night when I was surfing a little and trying to find a pattern or two of knitting projects, I ran into this.
There are other crazy knitters out there who love to watch the olympics. I'm part of a strange group.  So funny don't you think?
So now I guess I can sign up for events and everything. (I don't think I'll go that far.) I need to do some smocking and sewing as well as the knitting, so I probably couldn't keep up with the straight knitters.


  1. This sounds like a blast! Granted, I don't knit, but the idea of scheduling craft project after craft project to do while the Olympics is on sounds SO lovely! It'll be like two full weeks of General Conference weekend! Make sure you post the clever things you come up with.

  2. Could there be a better group for you?!?!?! Ppl think I'm regular in my love for the Games. No... It's not like saying I like puppies (who doesn't) but I mean I. Love. The. Olympics!!! I thank you for my appreciation :)