Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shower Decor

Thought I'd show some pictures of our table and decor from last weeks shower.
We set the brunch table up in the dining room table, and then the dessert table on the far wall of this same room.
I had made sugar cookies in the shape of onesies. (on the left)
Hand dipped strawberries from my favorite roadside stand. (on the right center)

We had cute little handmade boxes of Acia/Blueberry Chocolates, and "Juicy Pear" Jelly Bellies for favors.
I cut these boxes out on my Sizzix Big Shot that I mentioned in the previous post, then taped them together.
I also used some of the little boxes and onesie invite look-a-likes in the banners that were hanging in a few places, such as above the dessert table and mantle.
The main dessert was little buntlet cakes from "Nothing Bundt Cakes" in town.
Also on the dessert table were fine little chocolate bars that I wrapped in the matching papers, and purple and green rock candy and lolly sticks that I stuck into white matching vessels.
I also threaded matching ribbons through my white holey plates and tiers cake stands to go with the whole place.
Here are the busy hostesses in the wonderful kitchen.

We ate outside, and the day was so lovely that we decided to open gifts out there as well.
Such a beautiful setting. The yard is magnificent and the view unmatched by any other home I know.
Okay, camera girl, just turn around and snap one. .....  Sorry, sometimes I don't think past my nose.

We ate beautiful homemade quiches, (by Debbie and Laurie), and a great grilled pineapple salad, (by Carolyn, who also did the flowers beautifully). I also made Rosemary Mozzarella Skewers that I got of of PW's blog. Yum! (I added little grape tomatoes to the skewers)

What a great group of friends to throw a shower with, and it turned out just right for the "mom's" friends and family to celebrate the new addition with her.

Thanks, ladies!


  1. Wow, the home and your decorations could have been in a magazine. That was a lovely job you all did!


  2. looks like all your hard work paid off :) I bet the new mommy really appreciated it!

  3. i never looked at these pictures from the shower!! it turned out beautiful mama!