Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Red, White, and Cute

This little babe is showing off a new dress that GramVi made for her.
I guess I always revert to the smocked items when I'm looking through my books for ideas.
This is a little sundress that has just a few rows of smocking under the round yolk, and then some flowery type circles at the junction of the up peaks in the design. The blank areas between the obviously smocked ones are back smocked from the wrong side of the garment so that the pleats stay put.

Then a couple of red ribbon widths are used for detailing and waalaa, you have a dress for the 4th of July.
And her moms toenails even match. Bonus!


  1. Great dresses you make...And you always have such cute models!


  2. i have COUNTLESS TL's from the 4th for you. i am crazy about this one :)