Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mica Mine

When I was in Grand Junction a few weeks ago, I was able do do a new little hike with the little sis, her Hubby, and a couple of her cute kids.
We drove up Little Park Road a ways and found a few trails that were ready and waiting for us to take up track.
I'm always amazed at the number of trails around GJ that are close to town and easy to access, yet I've never been to them.
We went up to Bangs Canyon.
This particular area is an old Mica Mine from pre WWII that I'd never heard of. I brought home some Mica that is interesting rock with flaking off capability. You can actually peel back the very thin layers and pull the rock apart as you make it thinner and thinner. It is sparkly and was used for mirrors years ago. It has many uses including heat resistant properties, and paint spreading uses.
Surrounding the mine and along the trail was also a lot of white quartzite.
Amy suggested that this could've been the rock that the brother of Jared asked the Lord to make into lights for his submarine type boats.
I think she might be on to something here. What do you think?
Of course I have no pictures because ..... my camera...... BOO HOO.
I always enjoy exploring in the high desert and areas around the Colorado National Monument.

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