Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mine are the Cutest

Here's a little belated Halloween post. Full of pictures of the 5 cutest kids ever.
The purple and green Witch Ballerina and the Skeleton Ballerina in their homemade matching tutu's start off this parade.
The Rocket Robot has got to be the best costume his dad ever conceived and was the hit of the party as well as the neighborhood.
 Check out the back of this costume.
And the face on this kid is so cute and excited. He couldn't take stairs very well but I heard no complaints as he navigated our neighborhood with his much faster sisters. 
 Can you hear this one saying Woo, Woo all day long?
 What an adorable little owl. She was joined by her Red Robin mother that was "sitting on the nest," and her father who was a Bird Watcher, and ...
this little Peacock who was decorated with care from head to toe.
 She loved being able to fan up her tail whenever she pleased, or just leave it down for a pretty tag along tail.
Cutest 5 in the world? Talented kids of mine putting these all together.
I rest my case.