Sunday, September 8, 2013


The Hubby and I are in the cool OLD city of Barcelona. He has a few days of work and I tagged along. The we are staying on for a few more days to enjoy the city and surrounding countryside a bit.

 We went to church on Sunday morning and didn't understand much except the hymns and makeup of the meeting were sure familiar. We attempted to read different words to familiar tunes. We partook of the Sacrament which is the reason ultimately to go to the meeting anyway. A fun experience.
 We also went to the Catholic church that day, as there are hundreds in the city and this old and beautiful one in the Gothic quarter was amazing.
 There is a new window in this one up above the entrance as the old rose window was destroyed in an earthquake in 1429. The new one was completed in 1459. Quite new, right?
 The magic fire water show was pretty cool at night. We arrived by Metro subway and the whole place was hopping with people on a Sunday night in September.
 Hoogy big.
It was like a holiday. I can't imagine how crowded it could get on a busy day.
 We notice that the nearby stadium had an event going on and hoped that we would get back on the subway and out of the area before the game got finished.
 The whole avenue was lined on both sides by fountains with the culminating one at the very end. We will come back here to go into the Picasso museum during our stay.
Subways always intrigue us west coasters and this saxophone player had back up music and was quite talented. His "Take Five" rendition was heard for a hundred yards before and after his location. It really fills up the corridors. Very cool.
I'm excited for a fun week.

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