Friday, November 1, 2013

FIVE All Together

We all met up in Utah for General Conference at the beginning of October. One family came from Colorado, 4 of the family came from California, and the others were already in Utah for a mini reunion. The Grandparents also traveled by car from Colorado to reunite with our little clan.
 Waiting for the Saturday morning session to start are the girls and Jon. GPKelly was in attendance, and GMKelly stayed back at the hotel. Austin also stayed with the 3 little ones so the rest of the adults could attend.
 What a very amazing building the conference center is.

Seriously. Cute. Baby
We all went up to Mantua to visit GG and Aunt Toni, etc. The Hubby's mom continues to be spry and agile as she works around the house and in her cute little apartment. We are very lucky to spend some quality time with her periodically.
All five of my offspring together for the first time in 2 years. Fun for me as well as them.
Being silly as they hold up the big guy.

The area surrounding Mantua reservoir is very beautiful. We took Uncle Rods ATV up into the colorful and changing mountains for a real treat.
Pictures don't really do the place the justice that it deserves.
We were lucky to be able to spend several days in the beautiful state of Utah before heading back to CA with Kathryn's 3 beautiful children. More on our babysitting experience later.

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  1. What a blessing to have all of you together. That must have been a near perfect day!