Monday, December 27, 2010

Elf Apron

The previous post has a picture of machine embroidered Elf's. It is the first project that I completed using my new embroidery sewing machine. It is an awesome Bernina machine, and so I'm back to the days when I learned to sew on my mothers Bernina, except this is not your mothers Bernina.
The Hubby bought it for me for Christmas. A very nice Christmas for me. He just took me to the sewing machine shop one night and we checked them all out. He had given my a new one about 22 years ago, and he thought it was about time to get another one.
It comes with lots of designs, but nothing that I wanted for this apron/jumper I wanted to copy from a magazine I saw, so I found some Christmas designs online and downloaded them onto a flash drive. Then I just put some white cotton fabric onto a hoop, plugged the flash into my USB port of the machine and the machine told me what to do. All I had to do was pick a color when it stopped every once in a while.
Then move the hoop over and do it again.
It took me a few hours to get these 5 elves all sewn up, but it was a lot quicker and hardier than if I'd tried it by hand sewing them,
and they will wash and wear really well.  So I made this apron and attached it to this little jumper.
Ells likes it.
She looks cute in it too.
What a nice Uncle M.
Merry Christmas morning!

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  1. That's about as cute as it gets.

    Amazing what your new sewing machine can do!