Sunday, January 30, 2011

Penguin Party

Our only grandson turned one. His mom did a very cute penguin party for the big day, and I was trying to learn how to embroider with my new sewing machine using furry fabric, so I whipped up a penguin for him.
After cutting out the pattern I covered the fabric with a wash away embroidery stabilizer so that the fur or nap of the fabric didn't come up through the design and ruin it. I then used a cut away stabilizer in my machines' embroidery hoop and sprayed it with fabric glue to attach the fur (white minky). Apparently there are several fabric choices that cannot be hooped or else they will show "hoop burn" when eventually out of the hoop and it won't look as good.
It is amazing what these machines will do, and I just entered his name on top of a snowflake looking flower as easy as pie. I couldn't figure out how to use the new software program made for the machine, which would have enabled me to add snowflakes so I put it off till I have more time. The flower was quick and okay, I guess.
Hindsight shows me that just his name may have been a better choice, but my penguin did turn out pretty cute ehh?