Monday, February 14, 2011

Long-Term Project

My Mother's favorite color is light-blue with a hint of turquoise.
I grew up in a house with turquoise master bathroom fixtures (remember it was in the 60's),
and the rock on the side of our cream colored brick home, built in 1960 also, was an accenting turquoise called "Aztec Mist" if you look up decorative rock.
Some day I'll take you to my childhood home again.
For now I'll show you the lacy pi shaw that I am knitting for my mother right now.  It is done with some tensel lace weight yarn and will use nearly 3000 yards of the stuff. Every other row I just knit each stitch without thinking much, but then the opposite rows are a little complicated so the design will work and I have to concentrate for about 30 minutes to get through one row. (that is right now when there are about 400 stitches on each row, but as I add to the circle 16 more stitches every few rows, the time and stitches will increase greatly)  1000 stitch, complicated rows will take me at least an hour or two per row to complete.
So... I am making this slowly. I don't have time to think that much. :)
It will be pretty when I am able to finish it.
Right now it is in a bunched up circle.
....Later.... WAY later.

1 comment:

  1. She will love this!

    I am fond of the same color, by the way.

    Also, we had a lot of the brighter turquoise in our home when I was growing up. We lived in Rancho Mirage, and our house was white, black, and turquoise. It was cool.


    PS. Our kitchen table was a gorgeous turquoise tile table on black wrought iron legs. I can't believe that I didn't keep it when I moved (my mom had given it to me), but it was incredibly heavy. Now I would love to have it!