Saturday, April 23, 2011

And 10

I saw a similarly designed dress in a catalog as the one I wanted to make for my 5 year old GDaughter, so here is my attempt to copy this.
When I made all the girls tutu's last winter, I ordered an extra roll of mint chiffon to use for this dress.
Then I made a basic yolk dress with the neckline cut down lower than usual so she can put it on over her head.
There is a lot more color on this particular dress, so I just added a white sash instead of a mint, or pink, etc.  Hopefully that will make the dress not be quite so loud.
TERRIBLE picture taken out in my garden, but you get the idea. I lined the whole thing with white double knit fabric, so the colors in the floral pattern would really stand out and also that the chiffon itself would have something to give it some body.
She loves the ruffles and flowing fabric of this new dress. I will admit it is a pretty fun item to wear.
I hope her li'l sis doesn't feel slighted with the classic lines and slight boringness of her Easter dress this year. (previous post)
Pictures of the girls in their dresses to come. Honest.


  1. will you be making 4th of July dresses?! ;) Can't wait to see what's next!!

  2. oooo 4th of july outfits one of these years would be my favorite!!! (i realize, not this year. don't get stressed. haha) GREAT idea anita! haha

  3. You are so good at copying something you see. I marvel.