Sunday, May 15, 2011

Easter Sewing (10) - A Tie

Yes, I am still sewing with that fun Bliss line and have a couple more items to show off before I'm finished.
This one I sewed for the little guy. I haven't sewn anything for the grandson. Just a little knitting to date, but this tie just might be a habit I get used to.

I found the pattern on this website. It is a very good tutorial so I just will add a few suggestions.

First: The pattern was kinda hard to download, so I improvised. For the 18 month size I cut (on the bias - or diagonally) fabric 21 inches long and shaped it roughly as a men's tie on the ends.
With the seam allowance, a 5 inch fat end was about right.

Second: Cut out a lining the same width as the main fashion fabric but 1/4 inch shorter overall to allow for the right sides showing a little toward the back when finished.
I then sewed the two short, flat "V" ends with right sides together and then turned it to the right side and ironed the points flat.

Third: I think the interfacing is too much weight for a quilting cotton, so I don't think I'll use interfacing in the future.
But ... aren't you all jealous? Don't you want one too?  I'm not talking about the tie.


  1. It's all Greek to me, instructions-wise, but I sure like the results! (And the wearer of them...)