Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sorry IS Enough

Towards the end of their stay with us last month, Kathryn and I dropped Austin off at the airport and then headed with the 2 little ones to the fabric store for a couple of items. On the way to the store, the wee one fell asleep and so I took Ells into the store and left K and the babe in the car.
As we were entering the store, Ellery gasped and when I looked down and saw my lucite beaded bracelet falling in pieces onto the sidewalk, she looked up at me and said, "Oh Grammi, I am sooo sorry."
She had asked to wear it as we were driving down the road and I had obliged thinking that she doesn't usually get to play with jewelry because her mother doesn't wear it often. :)
I assured her that it was okay and said, "Let's pick up all the pieces and put them in my purse."
Again she said how sorry she was, and as I put her into the shopping cart for a ride 30 seconds later she apologized again. How sorry she was. So CUTE and uncoached in her remorse.
So this post is for Ellery.
I fixed it up just fine, and here is a picture of the finished repair.
 And … I can even wear it again.
Thanks for your fine example of honesty and amends.  You are an awesome 3 year old.


  1. You are a sweet (and talented) Gramvi.

  2. What a great girl! And somehow, I'm not surprised you were able to put it back together and make it work...


  3. she is really just that genuine. that's all her :) thanks for being a patient gramvi.