Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Baby News

The new little guy is coming along well. He is breathing on room air, antibiotics are all done, and they took out his feeding tube because he is downing it on his own just fine now.
Sounds like good progress. The little family is more than ready for him to be HOME.

This a.m. I went for a short babysitting stint between daddy David's return from work, and mommy Kara's going to the hospital for a feeding and visit.  As I opened the front door around 7:30, cute little nearly 2 year old Lena looked up and saw me. Instead of the usual smile as a greeting, she flopped to the floor and cried, "Nnoooo, Daddy," in a very pathetic loud voice. Her world has been turned on its ear and she is ready for a new episode. Poor little thing. Her 4 year old sister wasn't too excited to have me there either, 'cause she knew Mom was about to leave. I won't take it too personally girls.
We did have fun getting ready for the day, playing school, and hide and seek, and watching Cinderella.

I gave Luke a new little blanket to match his room. It is similar to the one Great-grandma Joyce used to make for the greats.
Lexy helped me pick out the fabrics, or at least she came with me to the store and was bored for a half hour.
Ellery likes it.
Here is a cute little kimono sweater I made that looks like a baby boy. Kinda fun variegation of brown with specks of blue. Makes a cute tweed. I made a head band with the remaining yarn, 'cause I didn't have enough for a hat.

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