Monday, March 22, 2010

Babies Are A Blessing

Yesterday was the special naming and blessing of our new little grandson. At this point he's our one and only grandson, and he is growing healthy and lively. His proud daddy blessed him with continued health, good example, and bright countenance. It was a sweet blessing.
We had a party at our house in the afternoon after the service.
Here is little Luke saying hi to Gramvi. We made a bunting/banner that has his name on it, and ordered some cookies from Cookies By Design.
I knitted him a little vest in the colors his mommy chose. Little argyles are so cute.
... And he looks so cute in them. He looks like such a little man with his polo shirt, kackie pants, and little penny loafer knock-offs. (you can't see the shoes, but trust me they look so adorable)
Here are some of us making little individual pizza's for our dinnertime experience. (Little Lena is wearing the dress I made her last week. The bows on the socks keep coming off, so I need to fix them. I probably need to put on a bigger snap, cause the weight of the ribbons is too much)
The cookie centerpiece turned out to be a highlight. With Lunardi's assorted ice cream they were yummy. I think the Butter Pecan Carmel was the fave.
All in all a pretty nice day with the family in celebration of this wonderful new addition.


  1. What a great celebration. And I LOVE the argyle sweater.


  2. You made this a very special day with your creativity, sewing, cooking, decorating and laughing, Grandma! (Still hard to believe I'm married to a grandma! :) )