Friday, March 5, 2010

Semi's Prove Too Much

It was a battle between the public schools and the private schools in Tuesday nights' CCS basketball  games. First Palo Alto got crushed by Archbishop Mitty and then the mighty LG got the same treatment from St. Francis.
The fans were out in force for the match up. Lots of Orange and Black in the crowd.

The captains met at center court then was the recognition and introduction of players both starting and non-starting.
Here's the Mikester shaking the opposing coaches hand.
The team listens surprisingly with intent as Michael fires them up in the huddle.  What a bunch of nice boys.
We started the game well and Michael suggested later that perhaps a forfeit after the first 5 minutes would have saved us a lot of angst. We were ahead with 13 to their 9 or 10 when we quit scoring.
We tried our darndest, but couldn't handle the ball well to their defense.
Couldn't make many of our free throws, which are one of our usual strengths.
Couldn't hit 3 pointers.
Couldn't hold onto the ball.
Couldn't rebound against their strong insiders.

Michael did have some nice drives.
You've gotta click on this one to be able to see it well enough.
Here's some nice camera work by The Hubby. I think M's body positioning is impossible. I would be on the floor in a flash and never get back up.
"Help, I've fallen and I can't get up."
But not these kids. They have developed as good a balance as they may ever have. Nice job.
He also had some good threes. "Tres," he would say. Among lots of attempts.
Nice shot.
He ended with 17 points, and we lost pretty badly. We are all a little sad that it is over.
In the words of my friend, another mom with a senior.
It's been FUN.

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  1. Those private schools are always hard because they have the wherewithal to recruit.

    Sound like a great final season though. And lots of good memories. And hey, 17 points ain't a bad way to go out!