Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pick Up Day

I thought I'd write a little more about my C.S.A.
This is an acronym for Community Supported Agriculture, and my family participated in this same program a couple years ago.
When my son Jonathan moved home for a few months in 2008, he talked about what he wants to ultimately do for a living. He would like to have a small farm that grows for people who live semi close by.  I guess that many places around the USA have been doing this for several years. The farmer grows the produce (of course it's Organic) and the city folk "invest" in his farm by agreeing to buy shares. This give us fresh seasonal vegetables, prevents the produce being shipped all over the world, therefore saving petro and the environment, and basically makes us cook and figure out how to prepare a wider variety of healthy food.
I have purchased one share and so I get a box each week delivered to a common site in my town.
If you look up Community Supported Agriculture, you are sure to find something that is relatively close to your home.
The farm(s) I use are Two Small Farms. This is a collaboration with a farm in Hollister,  CA, and one located in Watsonville, CA. They are in separate climates and so we increase our variety that way.
Each week they send us a newsletter explaining what we will receive, some great ways to cook it, and some other tidbits.
There are a couple of other farms in our area that participate in the same kind of program.
We just picked it up this am, (our pick up is at the JCC here in town) and the leeks, oranges, first crop of strawberries, kale, & dill look gorgeous. It does make me want to eat healthy food.
We are going to go to Hollister this weekend and build scarecrows. Sounds like back to nature for us all.

We missed it last year so decided to do it again this season.


  1. This sounds intriguing. I am going to check into it. Thanks for giving more info.