Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cal Hi Sports Banquet

We were invited to the EA Sports Headquarters for the Cal Hi Awards Banquet last week.
Michael had won a "Play of the Week" award during the year and they were recognizing him along with other high school athletes.
Their facilities were beautiful and it was quite an honor to be recognized by the sponsors of this weekly TV show.
The main facility was set up with various video games and the kids seemed to enjoy just checking all the new games and competition out.
Then we had a nice dinner in the huge gym, followed by awards in the auditorium.
They had a huge movie screen for the audience to see all the plays and stories, as well as 2 or 3 other screens for the kids on stage to see while their backs are to the large screen.
Here is a picture of the screen as they started honoring Michael.
....and a still shot of the video in progress.
The Hubby is always a good sport to bring along his camera and miss seeing things with his real eyes.

The play that won for Michael, was the winning shot against Palo Alto when he scored a three pointer at the buzzer to win by 1. Other athletes had great shots, runs, hits, catches highlighted as well.
We heard from pro sports personalities, stories about high school students that have difficult circumstances, saw some of these kids get awarded scholarship money, and enjoyed 4 other kids from LG who also got awards.

This is a great venue to see and applaud others who share the same interest and love of their games in a non competitive setting. Cal Hi Sports is a one of a kind program that shows of the high school player.
We have watched it for years, and even have it on DVR so we can zoom to the games and events that we want to see each week.

Congratulations, and what a fun ride you have given us Michael.


  1. Some of the student athletes' stories were truly moving as we saw the challenges that they faced while staying in school and achieving in their sport. Many amazing young people out there...

  2. Hey, I am going to make my blog private. If you want to leave me your email I will add you to my list :)

  3. That's really awesome Vicki! What a wonderful tribute to Michael. Did they mention who got the assist in that most amazing play? ;) xo