Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This next month my buddies and I are throwing a baby shower. The grandmother of the new baby-to-be is one of our "walking buddy" friends and this is their 1st grandchild on both sides.
I, being the invitation guru of the group, opted to do the invites and asked if they all thought a onesie theme for the shower was okay. We could have the guests decorate onesies, make onesie cookies, and best of all I could make the cute onesie invitations that I found on the internet.
They all agreed, and the new grandma even said she and her daughter had attended another shower where they decorated onesies and both would love for us to do that for their new baby.
First, we had to figure out the color scheme, and Laurie, the real hostess of the party because it's going to be at her house, said the yard should lend itself to orange and lime green by mid June. We stuck purple (lavender) in there with the mix because it's going to be a girl and we thought it would be less gender neutral with lavender. Don't you agree? Hello??
I found great papers by basic grey. I won't use some of the more pinks and reds, but these papers are quite beautiful. I'll mix them with ...

these Bazzil papers. The Scrapbook Island store in San Jose has about a million colors of plain card stock. You can find a match for nearly everything.

So then I set to making my cute little onesie invitations.  I didn't have a 1 3/8 inch round punch as called for, but my 1 1/4 punch worked just fine. It left a good amount of space between the larger scalloped punch so the collars look cute.

A couple more added touches, giving a little glitter to the snaps at the "crotch" and purple writing for the
invite itself, 
and then I was done. The lavender ones will be sent for invitations and the others will be used as hanging decorations for the shower itself.
A bit of a long process, but they did turn out ...


  1. Again I are a marvel. (And I think I'm glad you were a little under the weather and couldn't make it to the shower I gave!)


  2. Those invites are so adorable! My sister in law threw me a onesie baby shower in San Diego last summer and it was great! Adelaide often wears the cute onesies people made her that day:)

  3. cutest. invites. ever! they turned out great!