Friday, September 10, 2010

$$ For the Maid

I'm sure I've mentioned how MM left his room when he went away to college last month. I'll actually post before and after pictures in a future post.
Today, as I finished up the huge task of cleanup, I brought several more piles of "stuff" out into the living area of the house.  I think I believe that if you just move it around and give it a new home, "stuff" will go away.

NOT... I hate stuff.
There are two piles of school supplies that I gleaned from the mess that was MM's closet and dresser. (We bought much of the same "stuff" for his new dorm room, so if makes me a little crazy to find a slightly older version of the same notebook or pen or highlighter just collecting dust as it sits, minding its own business, in the depths of the closet.)
Anyway, I started organizing some of this "stuff" out of the household. I took 3 fairly large garbage leaf bags to the Goodwill truck which resides just outside of our neighborhood. I mailed my darling youngest MM a few of his posters, as well as some gloves, a file folder, thank you notes (more on that another time as well,) a small copy of his patriarchal blessing, and a Sports Illustrated.
Tonight The Hubby and I went to dinner at Pizza My Heart using a gift card that MM received probably for Christmas.  Then we went to the Lucky's grocery store and cashed in $140.32 of coins that MM saved for years.
He had all summer to do it and now I guess I get to use this extra cash to buy me some Christmas presents.
Looks like we taught this kid the value of a dollar. Right?


  1. At least your son SAVES the coins.....mine got in the habit of throwing out pennies and nickels. Yup...I dig 'em out and put them in MY jar for MY Christmas shopping!

  2. So funny reading this as my husband is cleaning out our youngest son's room, muttering to himself all the while.