Friday, September 3, 2010

Quilt for Ells

I received my camera by Fed Ex from Colorado. The parents are still organized and on top of everything. Thanks!
I've had more than one camera problem in the past little while.  A couple of days before I left on my trip I inadvertently erased all the photos from the camera as I was trying to load them onto my computer. There were only 20 or 25 pictures, but a couple of blogs worth, that I'll have to either not do, or else I'll have to go back and take more pictures.

For now I'll just have to show a finished quilt that I made for Katz. All the pictures in progress are gone. This quilt is for her first babe as she transitions into a toddler bed and as her li'l sister takes over the crib in a few months.
Lots of 2.5 inch strips of black and white, separated by a ribbon of yellow. Easy and fun to do.
The back of the quilt has all three colors, using that word loosely, in little comma shapes.
After getting the top finished and cutting out the back, I took it to a long arm quilter in my area.
Finally Finished has done several quilts for me and I've always been happy with their work.
She even embroidered the granddaughters name on it, so perfectly.
I like it.


  1. Darling quilt. You are so talented. My mother works at a quilting shop and is always making new quilts. I love that one!

  2. LOVE love love it! i can't wait to use it - though i can wait to brave putting elles into a big girl bed. :)

  3. that turned out soooooo cute!!!!