Friday, October 29, 2010

Orange Fever

Last night I met The Hubby for a celebratory business dinner in the City. As we were driving past ATT Park and the 2nd game of the World Series was in its 3rd inning, the streets were alive with the rush and excitement of a huge crowd of people. Of course these are the people who didn't pay $500 for a "standing only" ticket, but were just taking in the vibe of the event.
The entire greater Bay Area is pretty excited about the Giants right now. Boy did they ever perform last night.  The Hubby had his smart phone at the ready right on our very formal dinner table giving updates every inning or so (until the 8th inning where he seemed to be updating every 30 seconds with yet another run for the GIANTS.)
I'm not sure the boss man appreciated the interruptions, but everyone else at the table of 14, was excited to hear all about the progress.

Earlier in the day at my little knitting group, we checked out our fellow knitter Elisa's Christmas stockings. Elisa is our most prolific knitter and has knitted about 35 times more than the rest of us this year. She has knitted 35 huge stockings for her entire extended family since about February, and we were getting a final mind boggling show.
Not one of my very favorites, but a standout today was this particular stocking.
Amongst all the poinsettia, felted, victorian, ugg, snowflake, pirate, team, sock monkey, polka dots, stripes, there was this Giants stocking for a fan in her family.
So appropriate.