Friday, October 22, 2010

Stove Top

For 8 - 10 years I have (we have) put up with an annoying click - click- click- click - click, whenever our large forward right unit on the stove gets remotely damp. If it is washed well, it then clicks for several days after. If it has a pasta water spill over, it doesn't stop clicking for a week. Only way to get it to stop is to run it for several annoying clicking minutes until it dries out thoroughly.
Finally the Hubby, after telling me for years that it would be great if I replaced our sick gas stove, took me to the appliance store and said, "Pick one out, now."
We found one that didn't require much adjustment of our exiting counter top. It fits in quite nicely, and has one cute little, adorable startup click when it is turned on.
It even has an extra burner, and an awesome simmer that goes on and off when you want to stew something VERY slowly.
Thanks Hun.


  1. I replaced my stovetop recently after keeping the same malfunctioning one for over 20 years. After doing so, all I could ask myself was: "Why did you wait so long?!"

    Glad you're enjoying your new, multi-click-free stove!