Thursday, November 17, 2011


I belong to an email group of missionary mom's that write about questions, problems and solutions for their respective missionaries and I had to share a little doodad from one I just received.

Some of the moms are asking what their Bishops and Wards send to the missionaries for Christmas and one commented that their Ward newsletter has a little exert for the missionaries from the ward. It says, " Every week on the back of our Sunday program our Ward features an exert from one of
our missionary letters and share it with the Ward. They get to know the

So a few minutes later this email arrived. 

Sorry.  I'm a scrabble player."

I have a few pet peeves with language usage, but I don't think I'd point them out to someone I have never met.  I usually tell my husband when he says or uses something wrong, and I expect him to tell me, but really???  I couldn't believe this.     
So funny.
PS: Now you can feel free to correct me when I am wrong. teehee!   No... really... you should.


  1. maybe she really did mean exert... meaning something on which they exerted their missionary zeal during the week... LOL

  2. Every week in our choir email newsletter, we are reminded to "mark the role". "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." (aka, Princess Bride)
    Are you going to Maui?? Will you Maui me?

  3. I am one who cringes at spelling errors. But I usually don't correct them, unless it's someone in my family.