Thursday, November 17, 2011

Visit to Utah

The Hubby and I went to visit our #4 child a couple of weeks ago and were able to take in a couple of her teams last volleyball games. She is becoming a good little coach and it was fun to watch her in action.
 She keeps track of many aspects of her players game and the players on the opposing team too.
Here are all of the Senior girls and manager boy that were playing their last game.

Good job Steph!

We were also able to visit with GG and Aunt Toni and the gang while on our little trip. They are doing well and settled in nicely to her new home apartment. It turned out very nicely.
 We went up to SLC for one evening and searched Temple Square for our missionary friend Amy H, and then
 found some nice homeless guy (not really) to take to dinner.  He's our #1 son, and is working hard on a landscaping job up at the VA Hospital. It was great to see him.
I also experimented a bit with my cool camera. Just told it to recognize orange and grey everything else. 


  1. Pretty cool that you got to see two kids in one visit. Now that Todd is in Irvine and Matt is in Temecula, we get to do the same thing!


  2. it was so great to see you guys!! sure love ya!

  3. but you didn't come see sad... :(