Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shepherd's Dinner Prep

Every year one of our family celebrations surrounding the coming of Christ is having a "Shepherd's Dinner" on Christmas Eve. If you ask each of our children what a favorite Hodgman tradition is, they will include this one in their fond memories.
We have a wood worker friend who heard about this tradition from his sister-in-law and called us up to offer his services in making some wood rustic plates for us to use for the dinner.
 He brought them to us last night and they turned out so great. There are knots and cool curves, and they are 6 -7 inches wide by 8ish inches long or small enough not to be too cumbersome as we all take up space on the floor of our family room Christmas Eve.

Each plate is slightly different and will be just perfect for dishing our small dinner (that really has turned into a Mediterranean feast.)
I'm so excited!
Thanks Dana!


  1. Bless his heart for making these for you! What a wonderful tradition!

  2. I think this a very lovely and appropriate tradition. I would consider adopting it myself. Two things are holding me back--not knowing what to serve; and still having to make our traditional ham dinner on Christmas day.

  3. That Dana! He's something else...soon as I saw these I wondered if he was behind them. Love the shepherd's dinner as part of your Christmas tradition. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!

  4. It's really cool that you do this!