Monday, December 12, 2011

Tartan and Wool

I saw the cutest little Christmas jumper in a Boston store window last year and wanted to copy it's design.
So after taking a picture of it with my handy little IPhone, I set off to figure out just what would work for the baby girl in my life. Her mother and I went shopping in SF last January and we bought this great purple   97% wool/ 3% spandex blend along with a beautiful tartan (representing "Scotland Forever") that includes the same purple color.
 The 4 inch wide pleated plaid goes 3/4 around the bottom of this simple jumper. I tried to make it without topstitching around the neck and armholes, for a smoother look, but the size of the garment was unforgiving as it turned towards the lining, so I had to topstitch it.
 I also made a little skirt for the big sister using the same fabric. The bottom edge of the swag in the middle is fringed and there is a silver celtic like button to fasten it up. She'll look cute in the ruffles of the skirt too.
 Here they are from the back.
I got them in the mail along with some muslin, or cheap fabric models, of a vest and skirt for the mommy of the girls. When I don't have real people to try them on, it makes it a bit difficult for fittings, so I hope these work on their cute little bodies.
I'll post a picture of the girls modeling their togs when I get it.


  1. What fun! Can't wait to see it on one of your cute grandkids!


  2. amazing!!!!! oh my goodness they are so so scottish - i'm excited! unique & wintery. love.

  3. Very, very cute! You have so many talents!

  4. Oh yay! I've missed your posts about all the wonderful things you create!