Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Big Mountains Are Always to the East

As we were visiting Colorado Springs and enjoying the beautiful sunsets, I thought about how pretty the mountains were as the sun was sinking behind them.

Much of my life the sunset has been less involved with the mountains. Mind you, I've lived in the mountains, but if I think about it the largest ones have always been East of my home(s).
Here's a quick rundown.

Grand Junction, Colorado - First 18 years
There are the "Bookcliffs" to the north, & "Colorado National Monument" to the southwest, but the one you can ski on which is the "Grand Mesa" and the Rocky Mountains are definitely to the East.

Provo, Utah - Salt Lake City, Utah - college years
This is the BYU football stadium. Granted there are mountains virtually surrounding these Utah valleys, but the BIG Wasatch Range is again on the East.
All along the Front.
Here's a cool picture of SLC

Portland, OR - from 1980-1994
Can anyone beat the beauty of Mt. Hood?? Now really there are other mountains around. The smaller Coast Range is west on the pacific coast, but Hood which is in the Cascade Range, is unmatched. Kinda makes me tear up a bit.

Los Gatos, CA - 1994 till now
Even on this beautiful 59 degree morning, I can see snow on Mt. Hamilton from my house. There is the coast range, that I live in the foothills of that is West, but the biggest mountains of this range and certainly the big Sierra Nevada Range which  are the real mountains of California are East.

So my random observation of the day?

The big mountains are always, in my experience, on the East.


  1. This was a fun journey through the mountains with you. I love being close to the mountains. In fact, when Dave and I lived in Chicago the first three years of our marriage, that was the deal breaker for me. No mountains.

    It made me feel strange.


  2. my mountains are west baby! i will say it totally disorients a person :)