Sunday, April 29, 2012

…and He Cooks Too!

Every year in the Los Gatos Ward we have a Men's Cook-off. It is actually an adult Ward dinner, that someone several years ago put a different twist to. The men seem to enjoy competing for the best in several categories, and the women enjoy eating ... and not cooking at all.
John had Friday night to prepare, as our Saturday was full of various other activities, so ... he got cooking some good pasta.
 Pretty good attitude about it, I'd say.
 Mmmmm, chicken, mushrooms, mozzerella, marinara, all kinds of good stuff.
Here is the parmesan topped finished product.
We thought it started at 6:30 so when we arrived and it had started at 6:00, some people were already on to dessert.
It tasted yummy, but only got about half eaten.
Moral? Always pay attention to the announcement regarding time.


  1. Looks yummy! (I think you were lucky to have some leftovers...)


  2. well done papa! really it looks scrumptious! :)