Monday, April 16, 2012

Construction Zone Easter Egg Hunt

The cute grandchildren came to our crazy back yard and had an egg hunt.
GPa and Aunt Stephanie were the "bunny" and hid things quite well considering everything is in a disheveled state.
 Lexy is becoming a proficient finder and still was patient with her siblings letting each of them find the obvious treasures.
 Luke understood exactly what he was supposed to do and loved it.
Their parents are always ready with a camera and help.
Mr Lukamas didn't want to spill anything from his basket. He saw his sisters with their very full baskets and they seemed to be losing some items. He did NOT want that to happen. I have definitely never seen the meticulous side of him, because he is usually just full speed ahead and run over everything, so this was pretty comical.
The girls were excited to get all sorts of goodies.

We're so lucky to have them live close enough to have days like these. It reminds me of the Chipman cousins who us Kelly kids spent many Easters with when I was a little girl. We didn't live close, but our mom's who were sisters, found Easter an easier holiday than most for getting us all together.

Thanks Grandma Joycie and Auntie June!


  1. Yes, you are lucky to have them close. And I love that picture of the little guy being cautious.


  2. so fun... even in a construction zone!