Monday, September 24, 2012


Yesterday was a temple dedication that was wired in to all of the Utah congregations.
My Mom and Dad sent all their progeny (except half of my kids who they apparently don't have in the family email list,) this little note.

We just got home from the 3pm dedication session.  We, of course are in Utah. (St George) Want all of our family to once again realize that all of you living in Utah were invited to the Brigham City Dedication.  In our afternoon meeting Elder Nelson was the voice for dedicatory prayer.  We, as the singing of "The Spirit of God" was sung mentioned to each other that all of you were singing along with us and had waved the hankie together.  Now, 139 temples are in service.  When Joyce and I were children, there were 4 in Utah, 1 in Arizona, 1 in Canada, and 1 in Hawaii.  The Church will continue to grow and assist us with our righteous activities - whether it be in school, in our homes or at our work.  Even those of us who are retired will be blessed.  
Love you all this Sabbath afternoon, GPs Kel 

Never has the church done a dedication like this before, and my DD lives in Orem, so I made her this special temple hankie and sent it last week. I used 2 different white thread types. One was a bit shinier than the other and I use that for the leaves and flowers. In the pix below you can turn your neck around (even though I can't) to see the "S".
Here is the nearly finished piece as I gathered and sewed on the ruffled lace edging.  This kind of French val (cotton) lace has a thread on its header that just needs to be tugged on for a gathering affect, and it doesn't need much of a gather to make it very pretty. 
 These 4 surrounding mitered borders were completed about 20 years ago and saved in my lace bucket. I have meant to use them for before, but usually this gets put on the back burner when I'm busy with other things like a wedding gown or something. (right Kathryn?) So now they have been put to good use. I guess that's why I don't throw things away and why my sewing room looks is out of control.
 I had an extra mens handkerchief in my socks drawer so I put Steph's boyfriends initials on one and sent it too.
 Here is the end result.  I love it. So did Steph.


  1. Very cool. The dedication was very special. I'm looking forward now to actually attending the BC temple, since it's now the closest one to us with Ogden being remodeled and closed until next year some time. We went to the open house - it's really beautiful inside with lots of little local touches, such as peaches and peach blossoms. Plus there are paintings that were done by Pres. Packer, who gave the first dedicatory prayer, since BC is his family home.

    Come visit. Maybe we'll all go there together! :)

  2. here's to you ... Let's get that head a turning! Seriously beautiful handkerchief.

  3. turn that head, Vickers. Seriously beautiful handkerchief.