Friday, June 28, 2013

Baby Boy (in March)

I really wasn't writing a blog for the several months surrounding the birth of our latest grandchild, but there is really no good excuse for not posting at least a picture of this new beautiful child. Although now that I think about it, his own mother doesn't have him on her near debunked blog either.
(I posted a few pictures of him of Facebook; if that counts for something.)
Alas, here is FORD JAMES. Born March 13, 2013 (3-13-13 looks pretty memorable, right?)
His most distinguishing feature at his birth was his furrowed brow. The cute little newborn sorta, just kinda, looked like a cute little old man.
 Here's his mom and dad giving him his first bath. So gentle she is.
 But he is not feeling it.
20 seconds later he is comfy and cozy. Maybe he's asleep?
His big sisters are just loving him.
He will like this blanket that I made. Little activities all around it.
 GPa came for a visit too.
 Fast forward to the day after S/J wedding and he's all ready for a blessing at church. Almost 3 months old now.
 Reacting to a little hello with a rewarding smile.
 They gave him a name and a blessing in our Los Gatos Ward. My sisters son also had a new baby that was blessed that day. Their family had come for the wedding and since so much family was in town for that, they asked if they could do their blessing too. It was a perfect scenario.
 Kathryn with my parents. This is Sam/Joyce's 33rd great grandchild. They now have 36 and one on the way. Prolific family?
 4 Generations
My cousin and her daughter loving on Aunt Joyce.
 Congrats to my beautiful daughter....
and her adorable family of 5!

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