Monday, June 24, 2013

Mother-of-the-Bride Dress (Wedding Sewing v-4)

I couldn't find a grey dress, which we had decided on, that was the right length on me and that I liked much. I need one that is 40-41 inches long so it hits me just below the knee, because I am taller than most women.
So I found a glitzy fabric at my favorite local Fabrics R Us store in San Jose and went for it.
The fabric is beaded tulle with some stitching details creating floral bouquets and scallops on the edges. 
It had to be lined and we decided to line it with a light grey instead of dark grey. I then treated the two layers as if they were one. 

Here, I'm sending a picture to Steph to get her approval on a couple of details.
Here are the Bride and Groom with her original family. Not many pictures of me in my dress, so I had to pick random photos from the day. 
 Here I am greeting the reception crowd before dinner. Notice the beading around each seam line that I had to resew on by hand after the seam was in place. Needles won't go through glass beads without breaking so you have to do it by hand. I lost a lot of beads in the process because when the fabric is cut out, the threads holding on the beads and sequins on the fabric are severed. The flowerettes that the beading creates worked out well and looked similar to the existing ones on the pattern.
I'm pointing out to someone how my yard decor is getting blown to bits.

On a side note, I am acting a little like a high maintenance woman about this, so I'm a little embarrassed to bring it up. But, I felt a little bad that there weren't some better pictures of me from the wedding. It was The Hubbys' and my 34th anniversary and we don't have 1 picture of just the two of us.
This is the closest to a couple shot that we have from our anniversary/Steph's wedding day
A picture of the two of us sitting at dinner, or watching the ring ceremony, or anything would've been good. I would love to have had just one nice couple shot. We did hang out together that day, and I know I'm being a little bratty even to mention it, but heck I got all dressed up and everything.


  1. Put the dress back on and go out! Have one of those kids take a few photos--what's a few days? Absolutely beautiful dress. You do such beautiful work for your girls, I'm glad you made something extra special for yourself.

  2. I agree with Sharlene. Absolutely.


    PS. Your dress is gorgeous. Amazing.