Sunday, June 6, 2010

Whoo! Whoo!

I never beat the Hubby out of bed in the morning. It is just something I'm not competitive about.
"Knock yourself out Sweety, I don't have to be first here," is my standing motto.

Well I thought I did just that yesterday. I got up, leaving him soundly sleeping, and I went into the sewing room to start another project, then when I got to a stopping place, so I took off down to the high school to drop off Michael's Memory Board, because today is when we vie for placement of our kids posters for the grad week coming up.
(Believe me, I will do a post on the memory boards in the near future.)

When I arrived back home, the Hubby and Michael were both up eating, and that's when I found out the truth. I had not beat him up at all. He had been awake from 2:15 until about 6:00 am. He had accomplished all sorts of things and then was able to go back to sleep which is a rarety.

My accomplishments weren't so great after all, but I want to show the cute little shirt I made Ells.
Cute little owl fabric, and one of my favorite sewing tools built right into the machine.
The rolled hem foot just turns the fabric under twice so no raw edges are showing and then the needle comes along and seals the deal. Makes for a perfect edge. I just love it.
I also used another tool that I haven't used since high school. Elastic thread. I used it 35 years ago for tube tops for Camille and me.  
This time around, I got this cute pattern "Claire" by Sandi Henderson of Portabellopixie Patterns.
...and it called for "shirring" with the elastic thread as the important tool.
Turned out so good. I'm gonna remember this in the future.
Got the pattern by ordering from this store.  But you can also order it direct from the designer .
Such cute stuff.

I failed to get a picture of Ells in the finished product. I'll get one my DD took of her sleeping in it off my phone.
There we go. Kinda bunched up, but you can see how the shirring works more or less.  When I put it on her, she marched right out to show her parentals.

Pretty good for a 3 hour morning.


  1. That foot sounds amazing, that would save me so much ironing/pinning/sewing time! Mom swears by her serger though- maybe someday? Love the fabric too, owls are so cute.

  2. So cute! And I remember the infamous memory boards. Saratoga High does 'em, too.