Thursday, June 17, 2010

Onesies Cont.

Last month I had a post about some baby shower invitations that I was making. They were the inspiration for the entire shower that some friends and I put on this past Saturday. (Yes, I know I was up all night Friday doing Grad Night, but this was the only time the Aunt could be in town for her dear nieces shower, so we just did it.)
There were no games played at this shower, but if you wanted to decorate a onesie, we had some items on hand to help you accomplish the task.
Here are some ladies in Laurie's kitchen nook decorating away. We had iron on fabrics, fabric markers for writing and drawing, stamps with baby themes, stencils, etc.
Notice the cute little baby carriage I found at the nursery. I filled it with about 25 onesies of different sizes (and a few odd colors), and the women used all but 5 of them.  Hopefully the sweet new baby will get good use out of them.

This shower was for our friend Debbie's daughter. She is due at the beginning of August, and is such a gracious recipient of gifts. The new mom's Grandmother and a few Aunt's were there with gifts in hand.
So were the new Grandmothers-to-be. It is a first grandchild for both of them and excitement is all around.

I had previously decorated my onesie, so that I could help out others when the shower was in progress.
Here's how I did it.
I chose a colored one, and I used some fabric that I was making into a dress to match. There are so many patterns and ideas on the internet, and I used the ruffle buns idea, so that when baby girl crawls away in her new dress, her going will look as cute as her coming.

I changed it up a bit. Here are the differences.
  * I used 4 rows of ruffle and started at the top of the leg curve and went down from there.
      (the first one I made last fall, seemed to be too high on babies hiney, this lowers it a bit and adds a bit more ruffle)
  * My sewing machine has this GREAT rolled  hem foot and it finishes the seams off so sharp.
The ruffle is finished very nicely. I do think that one of these days I'll do one that is "pinked" instead of serged or sewed at all, giving it a frayed look for a chic up-to date finish, but for now this is what I did.
Then on the front of the "shirt" I ironed on some flowers.
I just got a "Big Shot", or "Sizzix" machine and it cuts the shapes out for me.
Problem is, you have to buy each shape to cut, and they aren't cheap enough for me.
This one ($20) cuts out 4 sizes of daisy flowers. I better cut a lot of daisy for that, but you know me, I get tired of one project, so I move on and that is wasting my $$$.
Anyway, it does look cute on the front of the baby shirt.  I had ironed on "Wonder Under" to the fabric before cutting it out, so then after the cut I just peeled off the attached paper and ironed it onto the fashion fabric.
And you can see the ruffle buns in the mirror.
BTW, I had Michael come into the sewing room to hold the hanger the onesie was on for the picture. I was having a hard time seeing the back and front at the same time for this shot, but Michael quickly assessed the situation and said, "Why don't you just hang up the onesie on the ironing board and take the shot sitting down."
Sometimes I just don't see beyond my nose.  Kinda embarrassing how I didn't think of that myself.

Shower post coming up.

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  1. Your creative abilities never cease to amaze me.

    So cute!