Monday, August 23, 2010

New School, New Life

Moving the last of of our 5 children out of the house last week was a job that is not for the faint of heart.
Especially if you saw the shape of his bedroom after he left it in shambles. Our middle child was heard to say, "You wouldn't have let me leave, if my room had looked like that. You would have made me walk two states to college after insisting it was cleaned up first."
Oh, the joys of being the youngest of five. "I guess Mom will do it," is the prevailing attitude of his mind.
Well, the dorm must've felt in the depths of its mortar and brick stairwells that there was trouble coming, because the housing office at the "U" placed my baby in the hotel guest house along with other homeless freshmen. He should just be there through the week, and as other kids don't show up, or move into different apartments, etc, the housing administrators will move these kids out of the hotel and into the real dorms.
In the meantime, there will be maid service, queensized beds, and a great TV to use at his disposal.  He is just a couple blocks (maybe 1 Utah block) away from the HC or Heritage Center where he will eat his meals for now and the rest of the school year.
Kinda the best of both worlds.
He has way fewer items to care for now that he is out of the house, and can't even unpack most of the ones he did bring to college. Maybe this transision will teach him to appreciate living with drawers and closets, etc.
Perhaps he'll be able to keep it a little tidier and so his roomate doesn't make him walk two states back to home.

Study hard, sweet MM and know that we will miss you terribly in our home.


  1. I remember when I sent Todd off, also to the U. I ended up getting a job because I was so lonely...

    It quite a transition, but there are some real upsides, too. All the privacy with the hubs, for example.


  2. love the new background.
    hate that our buddy is gone.

  3. Oh VK, are you very, very sad? It is such a bittersweet time, when the kids leave for college. May your boy have a wonderful year and make all kinds of new friends.