Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ninety Dollars?

I've been traveling.
Got my 2 kids moved in to their college dorm/house arrangements. Actually, I never help Steph move anywhere. She seems to just be able to handle the whole mess on her own.
In addition to that, I visited a couple days with the in-laws, and then travelled to Colorado from Utah in MM's new, yet old truck to visit with my own parentals as well as two of my sibs.
All in all a good trip.  I'll cover other parts of it later.
So after buying fabric at a couple of different stores along the way, shopping for some clothes, and getting a bag of hand-me-down/over's from Steph to the Katz, I was ready for the airport. BTW I left a substantial camera on my mom and dad's kitchen counter, more on that another time as well.
I arrived, already having paid 23$ for a check on bag. Whenever I travel with The Hubby we just carry everything on, but I had been to too many stores and been gone too long for that kind on nonsense, so I was all set to give the skycap my big bag.
The guy at the airport weighed my bag before placing it on the conveyor and it weighed .... 54 lbs.
"If you want to take out 4 lbs worth of stuff and carry it on, I'll check you in after the next guy, otherwise it'll be $90," said the guy behind the desk.
Seriously, I opened the bag up and grabbed out a bag of clothes that was already organized for the daughter and carried them on along with my purse, knitting bag, makeup/toiletries bag, and my sanity.
This is all my stuff that was stuffed into the bag and on my arms.  I guess the bright side of it is that I forgot my camera at Mom and Dad's.


  1. A little ridiculous that you had more than 4 lbs of stuff just for me -- yikes! Glad you had fun!!


  2. Traveling alone has gotten to be a major pain. I always have total back problems from carrying and dragging everything by the time I get home. It's much better when Dave is along! (But since he isn't available all that often, I'm getting more carrying and dragging experience lately...)


  3. Glad you got to mom's! I told them that they could leave the camera for me.....tee hee.

  4. Hmmm... so how did you take a picture of your "stuff" after arriving home if your camera was left at your parent's house?

  5. My handy dandy Hubby takes care of me.

    ...And he has an even bigger and better camera, to boot.

  6. i didnt really help that situation.... :) sorry~