Thursday, March 3, 2011

Apron Dress

My eldest granddaughter really liked the apron dress I made for her cousin at Christmas time, so I thought I'd make her one too. 
I started with a black background cotton fabric because I don't do that often enough for as much as I like dark backgrounds in little girls dresses. (I either like dark or light ones ... tee hee)
I thought the butterflies were a cute little girl loving addition as well.  Then I picked a couple of contrasting fabrics that would make a cute matching feel to the dress. 

I am trying to not do things so matchy-matchy but I think my mother engrained it into me when I was too impressionable to just forget it all together. 

For instance, I see some young designers putting maybe an orange and yellow fabric with a pink and green that have nothing to do with each other AND IT LOOKS AWESOME. I just have a hard time doing it myself. I'll let you know when I achieve this look sometime.
I fussy cut out the shapes of butterflies and flowers and ironed them onto the white apron that goes on top of the main dress.
I used a heat setting jewelry tool to put on these cute little gems. CaMillie and I bought it together in GJ last month. It is kind of a cute effect. (that's the right way to use that word isn't it?)
I sewed on ribbon trims and button centers of flowers. 
 She loves it. Thinks it's very whimsical. We watched Alice in Wonderland together and she thought the dress went with the story quite nicely.
She obviously has been into my dress up box to make the whole tiara look complete.
Always having fun.


  1. Seriously! Won't you just adopt me? Love all your wonderful creations!

  2. she would wear it everyday if she could :) Thanks!!!!