Saturday, March 26, 2011

Deserted (Again)

My middle child has just up and left Nor Cal and taken her little family away from our midst.
They are moving all the way across the country to Virginia, near our nations capital.
They have lived here since the two of them graduated from college nearly 3 years ago. We have been able to enjoy the 2 new babies as they started their sojourn on this earth, and be apart of their daily lives.
(Cossette, in a hand me down talked about here.)
I am going to miss these little cute, chubby cheeks.
And this puddle jumping girlie.
"I sad."
Immensely!!!! Don't you feel bad for me?


  1. We will all miss GramVi.
    (who's #1 in the espn brackets!!)

  2. I surely do. Now you are in the same boat as I am...the far away grandma.

    Not nearly as much fun as getting to see them all the time.


    PS. Hope things go well for them in Virginia, though!

  3. I noticed that Katz wrote that I'm #1 in the ESPN Kelly Klan B-ball tourney brackets.
    Might I add that I am also #1 in the immediate family bracket and will probably stay there for good. (the KK bracket will be lost probably today, as my points possible have greatly diminished)

  4. That dress that little coco is wearing is !!! Manifique! (is that how you spell that? Love you lots and lots.